Social Cohesion, Globalisation and immigration

Social cohesion, globalisation and immigration

The world has been through several phases of globalisation, where immigration and increased connectivity has arisen. Globalisation can offer an array of opportunity and wealth for societies. However, these opportunities are not always equally distributed. To maintain social cohesion, we must make sure that everyone reaps the benefits of globalisation and not just the wealthy few.


Make the Sustainable Development Goals to Our Goals

We have transformed the Sustainable Development Goals to Our Goals, so we can track Denmark’s trajectory towards a better future.


In 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were established to ultimately create a better world by 2030. To reach a less poor, more peaceful and sustainable world, concrete action is needed. The 2030-Panel, along with Statistics Denmark, have initiated the project Our Goals to determine the supplementary Danish indicators for the Global Goals to keep Denmark accountable. This is achieved by gathering input on how we measure progress, and ultimately how to reach our goals. Kraka Advisory have aided in this process, and 6.000 inputs have now become 197 Danish goals for a more sustainable society. Furthermore, we have developed relevant indicators and benchmarks for how far Denmark and Danish firms are currently, and thereby what we still need to finally reach our goals. Thus, Danish politicians and firms have the right premises to make informed decisions and take concrete action.


Danmarks Statistik og 2030-Panelet

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