Administrative register data

In Denmark, we have some of the best, most detailed and frequent administrative register data in the world. This creates unique possibilities for making an array of different analyses regarding Danish companies, population, buildings, etc. Kraka Advisory has extensive experience in using the administrative register data to make research and analyses for the public and private sector as well as NGOs and academia.


Job satisfaction pays off – a study of the value of job satisfaction

Society has a lot to gain from investing in job satisfaction.


This is the initial conclusion of a long-term research project for Krifa’s Job Satisfaction Knowledge Centre. The goal of the project is to create new knowledge about the economic importance of job satisfaction to society. The analysis is based on a large-scale survey among 4.500 Danish employees, carried out by Statistics Denmark. The data shows that job satisfaction is highly valued by employees: The average Danish employee attributes a value of DKK 155.000 to an increase in job satisfaction from the average to the upper end of the distribution.


Highly relevant for employers, the data also shows a strong association between job satisfaction and labour market movements. Notably, employees are much more likely to remain with their current employer if they are satisfied with their job. Moreover, high job satisfaction is associated with fewer sick days and low stress.


In the next phase of the project, we will study the association between job satisfaction and measures of organizational performance.

Make the Sustainable Development Goals to Our Goals

We have transformed the Sustainable Development Goals to Our Goals, so we can track Denmark’s trajectory towards a better future.


In 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were established to ultimately create a better world by 2030. To reach a less poor, more peaceful and sustainable world, concrete action is needed. The 2030-Panel, along with Statistics Denmark, have initiated the project Our Goals to determine the supplementary Danish indicators for the Global Goals to keep Denmark accountable. This is achieved by gathering input on how we measure progress, and ultimately how to reach our goals. Kraka Advisory have aided in this process, and 6.000 inputs have now become 197 Danish goals for a more sustainable society. Furthermore, we have developed relevant indicators and benchmarks for how far Denmark and Danish firms are currently, and thereby what we still need to finally reach our goals. Thus, Danish politicians and firms have the right premises to make informed decisions and take concrete action.


Danmarks Statistik og 2030-Panelet

Market analysis for the plumbing and electrician industry

Plumbing and electricity companies have been performing well for many years, and the employment was in 2019 on a record high level.


The plumbing and electricity companies are performing well. That is the overall conclusion of the new report Kraka Advisory made for TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne. In this report, we analysed the general state of the Danish economy, along with the production and labour market for plumbers and electricians. Since 2013 the industry has seen high growth rates in revenue and employment, with the unemployment rate decreasing to a point that it could hinder continued growth in the sector. The positive trends for revenue and employment continued in 2019, but at a slower pace. The slower pace might be something the industry will have to get used to in coming years, as construction is projected to slow down in the coming years, and as the crisis following the Coronavirus creates an uncertain future for the companies.


Tekniq Arbejdsgiverne


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