Our concept rests on five pillars


Our values are high professional knowledge, independence, and credibility.


We employ highly qualified economists – constantly updated on methods and professional knowledge within the field.


Our work is prepared in close cooperation with external experts to secure the quality of our work - at all steps of the process from beginning to end.


The profit in full from Kraka Advisory goes directly to activities in the think tank Kraka. We are proud to support the independent fight against fake news in public.


We have experience with a great number of knowledge-based analyses in most fields of society.




Kraka Advisory is a consultancy firm which provides professional cutting-edge economic counselling. Kraka Advisory is the result of a strategic partnership with the consultancy firm Deloitte, combining the core strengths of economic insight and experience in navigating the role of a consultancy. We consult private and public clients, business organizations, and foundations about decisions which influence the future.


Kraka Advisory is unique because we are able to combine professional economic insight and political understanding. We analyse the client’s position in the market, its competitors, relevant government authorities and other stakeholders. We further utilise our insight into current political affairs and the political process from the city hall into the halls of the parliament and beyond.

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