Reach your purpose with public integrity and credibility

Fagøkonomiske løsninger

Knowledge-based solutions

Kraka Advisory produces knowledge-based economic analyses. Among our core values are independence and trustworthiness, and we strive constantly to deliver products of the highest professional standard. Our clients can either make use of our analyses in-house but are also more than welcome to use them as inputs in the public debate. Kraka Advisory utilises the expert knowledge of the external experts, giving us access to expertise far beyond that of our competitors.


Kraka Advisory has furthermore entered into a strategic partnership with Deloitte Denmark giving us access to a wide range of classic consultancy skills, which combined with our own expertise leaves us in a unique position in the market.

Brugbare beslutningsoplæg

Decision-making based on insights

Insights into the client's market position as well as a deep understanding of the client's competitors, partners, clients and relevant authorities are key in order to produce the most accurate basis for forward-looking decisions. We utilise our political expertise to understand and decode the client's "professional-political-tactical" situation and needs, thus letting us produce material, which is both accessible and directly applicable in the client's decision-making process.


A partnership based on honesty

Honesty is at the core of the partnership between us and our clients. We therefore focus on clear communication and ensuring that expectations are aligned every step of the way. We safeguard our clients against using resources on unsuccessful or inadequate projects by communicating clear warnings in due time.

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